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This is a blog where I word vomit and attempt to write most of my thoughts and writing. I usually write, but blogs keep me on my toes and force me to update. Feel free to leave comments, like, criticize, or hate. It’s all good.

The title of this blog came to me when I had just finished reading The Fault In Our Stars. I was drinking green tea in my favorite sweater contemplating the meaning and the value of life. (reading a book about Osteoporosis and lung cancer for 5 hours can bring deep thoughts)

I hope you cuddle up and decide to read some of my garbage writing. I guess it could be informative or just straight up amusing.

Here we go, get cozy.



Complaint Box: Control Causes Collision

There are so many instances in society where people think that more control is a better way to run a company, a workplace, a school, or even a family. Of course there are a set of rules that should be followed; whether in government or the comfort of one’s home. But constant monetization and petty rules can just cause more problems…which result in the never-ending-space-time continuum of rules.

I was walking down the wide expanse of my high school hallway on the way to my dreaded class, when I saw:

He was a stocky man around his late forties, his sweat-shined forehead peaking out from strands of grey hair. It wasn’t really his appearance that caught me off-guard, but it was his blank stare in my direction. Of course he wore his laminated “Hallway Monitor” badge with pride, but all I could do was donate a sneer and an overly cliche teenage Rolling of the Eyes. I wondered why I couldn’t just walk down a hallway by myself and try to take a breath before another class without being stared down and “monitored.”

“Where are you going ma’am?”

“To class.”


*Keeps walking*

“D-do you have a pass?”

“I’m walking to class.”


*Wonders how that was a productive question*


I have always wondered why people were so obsessed with control and the status that comes with it. I mean, having to be “The Head Officer Jerk In Command” doesn’t sound that great to me. Even if the pay is good and you have a little intern make you coffee, I still have no idea how being a control freak is appealing. I don’t know about everybody, but most of the people I have met who are obsessed with control…are literally reincarnations of some kind of devil. Prying eyes, annoyed expression, eyebrows that refuse to arch; just slanted lines of disapproval.

I mean, the whole message of America is to have freedoms. People have immigrated from all over the world just to be able to have an opinion. Even twenty years ago, control was not as uptight as it is today. People took risks and were allowed to do so. Kids could walk to school without holding someone’s hand, and high school students could walk the halls without the eyes of “Monitors” cutting into them as they drag their one-shouldered backpack to a humid classroom.

There is a real beauty in having to pick yourself up and analyze your problems without the “help” of others and the permission of the hundred bosses approving your every move. When control was limited, people scraped their knees and were sent to the principal’s office for lunchroom fights. People were allowed to mess up and learn. Stopping conflict at every incidence just makes things worse. Sometimes we should let the anvil fall and let the end result roll out on its own. Nature still has a course, and people still have different interests and different ways of living their lives.

But if there is going to be a leader or a name-tagged middle-aged bored adult in charge, they should be there to make sure that people are not committing a felony or breaking the set rules of the establishment. Running versus walking to the drinking fountain will not change the course of a kid’s life.

So please Society, at least try to mind your own business. And if that’s too hard for you…all I can say is try. Please.